Add Personality to your Home

The inside of your home should reflect your personality—the textures of rugs and raw wood, travel photos from your epic vacations and bright pops of your favorite hues. With all of the time spent on your interior, you’ll want to remember that your exterior should feel like you, too.

Sure, it’s a bit more limiting design-wise, but that makes the challenge even more fun. Think hard about how to add personality to your home’s shell through the use of color, texture and accessories.

To get you started, here are a few ideas on how to make your home look more you.

Consider textures: When you’re selecting your home’s siding you may overlook the fact that you can add texture and various widths to your exterior to add interest to your design. With Hardie® siding and trim, you can add strong horizontal lines with HardiePlank® lap siding with a smooth texture, a natural cedar look or with a beaded edge. You can opt for a different design for your gables or dormers with HardieShingle® siding in staggered or straight edge panels. Or incorporate HardiePanel® vertical siding (in smooth or stucco) for a hint of modernity. You not only can grasp the look you’re aiming for, but you can make each siding element work for your specific architecture.

Consider Textures

Design with color: If you typically stick with white when it comes to your home’s siding hue, you may want to branch out and consider a few other neutral options, like our favorites Sail Cloth, Cobble Stone and Sandstone Beige. Feel like really branching out? Go bright with our favorite bold siding color options, Heathered Moss and Boothbay Blue. You’re likely drawn to some colors over others. Listen to your gut—you’re going to look at your siding often, so make it a color that speaks to you.

Design With Color

Add accents and accessories: Once your home is sided, don’t forget to add some flair. The final accessories act like the icing on the cake, whether it’s a pop of orange with a mosaic outdoor table on your porch, or an interesting mailbox or address numbers. These are the touches that show the neighborhood a piece of your style. You don’t have to go overboard with a gang of garden gnomes or your latest collection of car parts. Instead, keep you exterior clean and well curated with pieces that make your home feel like home.

Add Accents and Accessories

Your home exterior is an extension of you—show off your uniqueness. Think color, texture and accessories. Visit or contact Olson Windows, Doors, Siding and Roofing to learn more about James Hardie products.

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